Encore | The Concert Band exists

  • to provide an environment for dedicated and highly skilled musicians to develop and excel at their craft through rehearsal and performance,
  • to be a musical institution that preserves and enhances concert band music, and
  • to be a community asset that enriches the cultural and social life of the Greater London


Each member of Encore | The Concert Band bears a variety of responsibilities to help fulfill this vision. The following is intended as a summary. Your Board of Directors welcomes your thoughts and comments.




Financial Considerations

It costs approximately $4000 to perform each concert at Banting Secondary School. This includes hall rental, sound and light technicians, storage unit rental (music, equipment, etc.), custodial services, promotion and advertising, Artistic Director honourarium, ticket and program printing and music.


The primary revenue stream for Encore | The Concert Band is concert ticket sales. Encore | The Concert Band is a registered “not for profit” charitable organization! As a result, our financial goals require “staying in the black” while continuing to increase the quality of what we do, and strategically planning for the future of the organization within the local performing arts community. Our charitable number is 88567-7237- RR0001.


Most community-based musical organizations have an annual membership fee. When Encore | The Concert Band was conceived, an initiation fee was devised as a means to finance the fledgling organization.  Now that we’re in our 25th season, there is no such fee. However, we strongly encourage you to make a financial donation, at whatever level you feel is appropriate, to assist in providing a stable operating budget upon which for us to build. This is especially important during our 25th Anniversary season. We have fortunate to welcome outstanding guests this season and, as such, our expenses will be a little higher. Your Board of Directors challenges band members to contribute what they can financially this September. Our goal is to have a 100% contribution rate from band members. After all, if we don’t support the band financially, how can we ask our audience to? A tax receipt will be provided for any donation of $20.00 or more. Donations may be made by cash, cheque (made payable to Encore The Concert Band) or e-Transfer. The email set up to accept e-Transfers is The security question must be “Is this a donation?” The answer must be “Yes.”


Each band member has the obligation to promote Encore | The Concert Band in the community to the best of their ability. You can help fill the auditorium through ticket sales, distribution of posters, contributions of cookies to sell at intermission and by other creative means as required. Your Board of Directors trusts that your continued support with ticket sales and distribution will maintain our high attendance figures. It is suggested that each band member sell a minimum of 4 tickets for each concert, to the best of their ability.


There are other sources of revenue for organizations like Encore | The Concert Band. One obvious source is direct corporate contributions. If you have contact with part of our community that might be interested is helping us financially, please help us get in touch. All contributions to Encore | The Concert Band, including direct financial donations, are subject to acceptance by the Board of Directors.


Musical Considerations

Encore | The Concert Band has its roots in concert music, and our members are responsible for many musical issues. The following are critical for Encore | The Concert Band to reach its full musical potential.


  • Our librarian performs a critical service in managing this Every member is expected to help the librarian with music distribution and collection by complying with simple requests for assistance that are made from time to time, such as returning music, following each concert, in the order in which it was performed. Do not return “O Canada.”


  • Attendance at all rehearsals is Having said that, we acknowledge that we are a community band, that our membership comes from many diverse backgrounds and that we all have demands beyond this organization. If you will be absent from a rehearsal or concert, please advise our conductor as soon as you know.


When We Perform

Parking is limited at Banting Secondary School. As a courtesy to our patrons, please leave the main parking lot open for our guests.  Parking is available behind the school at ESL Annex or to the east of the school at the Medway Arena.


If you have awkward gear and want to unload close to the school entrance, please arrive early enough to do so, then move your car out of the main parking lot.


Concert Dress

Unless specifically directed otherwise, no other colour but black is to be worn at concerts. Please do not wear jeans, even if they are black.  Here are the specific dress expectations:


Men                -black dress pants, black dress shoes, black socks

-black Encore | The Concert Band shirt

-NO jackets, sweaters or ties


Women          -black dress pants (not skirts), black dress shoes, black socks

-black Encore | The Concert Band shirt

-NO jackets, sweaters or scarves


If you do not already own an Encore | The Concert Band shirt, please speak to the Band President to arrange to purchase one.


In Conclusion

Welcome to Encore | The Concert Band.  We’re glad you are here and we hope you’ll stay a while!